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Low thermal conductivity

Depending on the facings and thickness, PU can achieve a thermal conductivity as low as 0,022 W/mK to 0,028 W/mK.

This makes it one of the most efficient insulation materials available on the market. When compared to other materials, a much lower thickness of PU insulation is needed to get the same level of performance.





Range of initial values for thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity declared for different products in rigid polyurethane foam
  Average initial thermal condictivity λi, 10°C W/mK Declareted thermal conductivity λD, 10°C W/mK
Rigid polyurethane foam with waterproof coatings 0,020 - 0,022 0,023 - 0,024
Rigid polyurethane foam with permeable coatings 0,022 - 0,024 0,025 - 0,028
Spray polyurethane foam 0,022 - 0,024 0,028 - 0,031

Average insulation performance value for 25 years of lifetime