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Panels with flexible coatings

The panels in flexible polyurethane foam coatings are produced with different thicknesses and with different types of coatings, organic (paper and cardboard, and felts) and inorganic (aluminum Mil, mineral fiber) or plywood, which are adopted to suit the specific application needs.

Panels with metal coatings

The panels in rigid polyurethane foam with metal coatings, commonly known as "sandwich panels", are the basis for the development of modern light prefabrication. For the production of these panels are mainly used in continuous systems, curved panels, for elements with complex morphologies and thick panels are used more frequently in discontinuous systems.

Blocks and Slabs

The blocks in rigid polyurethane foam can be produced with both systems in continuous and discontinuous with the technologies they use, such as molds, special locks. You get the blocks of foam which, after proper curing, can be cut into sheets of various thicknesses and processed with special plant pantograph, giving rise to complex forms. This production technology allows for very high density foams also indispensable for certain industrial applications.

System house

The manufacturers of formulated systems (System House) develop, within their own laboratories, special formulations that allow to create foams with physical and chemical characteristics and performance suited to different uses.

Spray insulation

The polyurethane foam used in situ has the possibility of being produced by means of mobile plant, directly to the place of use or application.

Raw materials - Coatings and Addittives - Machinery - Other

Participating associative activity as Supporting Members and Associate Members, the producers of raw materials (main and ancillary), coatings, additives and manufacturers of systems and machines for the production of polyurethane foams.