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Spray applications

The polyurethane foam used in situ has the possibility of being produced by means of mobile plant, directly to the place of use or application.
Among the advantages of this solution should be mentioned: the possibility of creating a continuous insulation, no thermal bridges, the ability to adhere to almost all media and to comply with even complex surfaces, the significant reduction of costs, both economic and environmental impact compared to insulators that require the transport of the insulating material from the factory to the installation site, etc..

The techniques for the production of foams in the field may include spraying, injection and casting technologies, which differ by type polyurethane system and type of machine used.

SPRAY INSULATION - Main Applications
Isolamento con poliuretano a spruzzo
Insulation of roofs, walls and floors by applying spray
Isolamento di parete perimetrale per colata
Insulation of external walls with empty cavities by applying casting
Incapsulamento cemento amianto con poliurtano a spruzzo
Drainage by encapsulation of asbestos-cement roofing
Isolamento per iniezione di sebatoi, condotte, ecc.
isolation by injection for the insulation of tanks, pipelines, etc.

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