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Polyurethane rigid foam has a useful life of 50 years and more, and maintains its very low conductivity over time, due to its closed cell structure and ability to withstand external impacts such as moisture ingress or air movement. Although there is usually a slight increase in thermal conductivity as the material ages, this is taken into account in the declared lambda (such as may be found in the CE mark), which represents an average value over the expected lifetime of a building – a minimum of 25 years.

At 28 year PU sample was extracted from a pitched roof in Germany. The tests demonstrated that the specimen showed no damages, no holes, bubbles, cavities or other inhomogeneities. The testing institute confirmed that, after 28 years in application, this PU insulation board was fully functional and still reached all declared values and performances.

 -  Factsheet PuEurope

Test results
Facing: Aluminium multilayer facing on both sides, one side perforated
Propertyà Initially declared characteristics Measured value after 28 years
Thickness 100 mm 101,08 mm
Moisture content Not declared 0,05 vol %
Compressive strength 150 kPa 208 kPa
Thermal conductivity 0,030 W/mK 0,0292 W/mK
(10°C mean temperature)
Reaction to fire Class B2
(normally ignitable) in accordance
with DIN 4102-1
No flaming droplets / particles
Class B2
(normally ignitable)4 in accordance with DIN 4102-1
No flaming droplets / particles